Mirai is an ALM Specialization Co.

Mirai is primarily dedicated to ALM projects in the financial sector offering great solutions and architectures to our clients. All performed by highly specialized consultants.

Our Services

MAT is the new generation of ALM and Structural Risk engine. Trained on Liquidity Risk and Interest Rate Risk satisfying regulatory and management needs.

    Optimization of Net Interest Income

    Utilization of NII and EVE simulations to effectively monitor and manage the IRR position.

    Computation of FTP

    Ability to incorporate the liquidity premium, capital charge, option charge, and others as defined by the user.

    Liquidity Projection

    Liquidity risk allocation by the entity and managing the corporate structure according to structural risks.

    Capital Forecast

    Incorporation of the risk weightings into the forecast horizon allows for a stronger return on capital analysis function.


    Standardized reports to satisfy regulatory requirements and management dashboards.


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