Mirai provides complete ALM solutions to the financial sector

Our prior work with clients ranging in size from community banks to large global institutions provides a broad set of experiences and skills to draw upon. The professionals at Mirai bring years of first-hand knowledge within the financial services industry.

In a world where local decisions are impacted by global trends, it is beneficial to include global knowledge with the solutions. Our view on each engagement brings a perspective that is both broadly developed and tailored to the unique business model of each client.


Advisory Services

In Mirai we provide with the best consulting services in ALM and Finance.

Capital Stress Testing

Stress testing framework review and validation include a thorough review of the process and alignment with industry best practices.

ALM & FTP engine

ALM engine implementations and framework reviews start with the definition of the CoA, incorporating FTP into ALM Engines and to the application of advanced models such as Prepayment, Non-Maturity Deposit, etc.


Providing the appropriate and comprehensive structure to monitor the key balance sheet risks.Using advanced reporting tools covering Board, ALCO, Senior Management, Audit and Regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessment & Monitoring

Model Risk Design and ongoing review. Proper design and definition of the models utilized in the management process are important to the successful running of the positions.

Capital at Risk / Planning & Stress Testing. Capital stress testing satisfies regulatory requirements and provides management an expectation of potential future losses.

Liquidity Risk / Monitoring. Contingent liquidity planning, counterparty exposures, business line requirements and consumption of liquidity reserves.

Earnings at Risk / Stochastic and Deterministic Simulation. Traditional NII and EVE simulations provide a strong view into the risks to an institution’s earnings. Utilizing a suite of interest rate scenarios, including basis and key rate risk views helps isolate the embedded risks.

End-to-End Solutions

Mirai is an industry leading reference in the End-to-End implementations of ALM Systems. We offer strategic studies and function externalizations, including the definition, development and implementation of solutions. Our center of excellence lies in the combination of functional and technical profiles.



With the increased costs of in-house ALM modeling and ALCO reporting, many firms seek assistance from outside firms. Mirai’s experience partnering with clients provides comprehensive solutions.

ALCO Function

Optimization of the reporting structure to highlight and focus on the structural risks inherent in the balance sheet:

Management & Regulatory reporting (Backoffice)

Transferring the ALCO reporting function to Mirai provides management the freedom to analyze the results and focus on the strategic decisions of the institution.

Demonstrate the findings to ALCO

Strategic Partner with Senior Management

Focus on strategic decision

Provide management dashboards

Regulatory reporting

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